Eleazer Obeng, “The Devil’s Snare”: that silent, oppressive evil

The sun is up, it seems like a new day

sigh. you are still here. It’s not.

How did you get in? I cry.

Hubbub waters my anxiety.

sprouting doubt, and the traumas of my past

I thought I buried.

It’s nightfall, it says welcome back.

as though I’m the visitor.

Humming harmonies grazing off this void. Staying up with me

as I alternate apps

trying to find a distraction.

my restlessness is your muse

rolling from one end to another

for warmth estranged to my bed.

wrinkl in time, I put on a smile,

my reflection is a stranger

staring back at me

ossifying my ins piece by piece

A cover girl, a canvas I repaint every day

to tell the stories I do not believe

Pathetic! It says.

swath in aragog’s web

his children dancing

on my hollow tomb of a chest.

Do you see the pain

slithering behind the charms of my smile.

Numb to your roses

Words crawling up my throat

to voice out the floods within

A pawn, I’m crowned,

Moving along the lines of black and white

I don’t know how I got here,

stuck with you and I can’t ridicule

my way from this boggart

I’m trapped and I can’t get out

It’s so dark and cold in here.


[Courtesy of the author]

Link to the Italian translation

Dennis Kwaku Frimpong Agyemang was born and raised in Ghana. He is a creative who occasionally expresses his thoughts and feelings as a poet, under his pseudonym, Eleazer Obeng. He is “gender fluid” and has written (amongs other subjects) about anxiety, depression and sexuality.
He is a Communications Director and Queer Culture Curator at Drama Queens Ghana, who uses arts as a way of activism to inspire change for sustainable social systems that are safe and inclusive for all.

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