“Depression”, when it loosens its grip music sounds differently

I was not informed of your departure

But I’d known instantly once you left me

Music didn’t sound the same anymore

I was no longer in need of cheering

I was already there

Even when I was not in a good mood

I didn’t need cheering

So cheers to us

For all the things we’ve accomplished together

And for almost tearing me apart with your

subtle grip

I will not grieve you

And yet I feel awkward without you

But I’m glad you’re gone

And this time I sincerely hope,

That it’s for good




Courtesy of the author

Link to the Italian translation

Delphina Robert is a 22 year old Tanzanian poet, screenwriter, novelist and songwriter whose work focuses mainly on sexuality, mental health, culture and the arts. She is a part of the poetry groups Waka Poets and Kingdom Poetry which are both based in Tanzania. In 2022, she won 4th place in the first ever poetry writing competition for the International Women’s Poetry Group Tanzania with her composition titled ‘Peace Be Still’.

Writing makes me hungry. The more I write, the more my hunger increases with regards to contributing to the creative space.”

Delphina hopes to do more with her art. As a freelance writer, her goal is to make art that impacts people’s lives in a unique way – and her journey is only beginning.

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