Baya Osborn, “Ocean Eyes”, where there is no past, no history

Reflections, defections!

Warm and virgin as I stare with despair

Inept, inadequate as life looms unfair

I look utterly helpless

This plight, ineluctable without streaks of light

No past, no history

All vanished and dead, mundane

I cry, rendering benevolence in my eyes

My mind, gone haywire

Dark events, in it, wildly transpire

Dark face, pure evil

Am drowned with an urgency unbeknown

Dominated and taken

Like breasts, flat and empty

Imminent like immolation, unbridled sorrow

I grunt tossing my manes

Tossing out of shame and disgrace

Out of waste and press

Topped with pain and disdain

With primordial impulses, the deity feels

Me no more

Timeless and wild as a safari

As deep, music and rhythm sings

Song of horror and terror

Burning my soul, a false cuisine of choice

Terming my life null and void

Medieval, bedimmed by fate

My eyes running water of pain

Distressed, entangled by depression

My eyes, ocean eyes!


[Courtesy of the author]

Link to the Italian translation


 Baya Osborn is a Kenyan born poet and writer and use the pen name Bayable Word. He was born on 24th December, 2001 in Mombasa. Osborn started writing poems when he was in the first year of highschool. “Ever since, my life journey has been poetic” he told us.
We also asked how come he has written poems on mental health: “Mental illness is something that is really affecting any people. Mostly people of the young age, and it is we writers that are supposed to wake and encourage those people going through tough times through our writings that we care about them, we will speak for them and their lives will change“.
He is the chief editor of POETI©ONS Magazine, a literary magazine and the executive assistant of Africa Writers Fellowship Programme.

His works have been published in The Ultimate Magazine and We Read You Write Magazine and featured in Sebuleni Stories and The Writers Pen. He has co-authored Shackles of Pain and Demon, all anthologies of poem.

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