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Light, “Tonight, I am the James Webb Telescope”

This previously unreleased poem composed by Xabiso Vili for “Parole in folle” is a gem. And as a gem it shines to lighten the dark. The darkness of the universe explored by the infrared technology of James Webb telescope – the biggest to be ever launched in space. As the telescope receives information about the origin of stars and galaxies, the author open his arms wide and lets memories visit him from the past, bringing him in a dimension where all things has no beginning and no end, in a light that is pulsing with life.

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“Nathi’s Eulogy”, yet dying stay contagious

Often suicide deaths are surrounded by silence, by the shame induced by a loved one’s refusal to live. Relatives, friends begin to talk about tiredness, s/he “was tired of living” people use to say. This poem is a rebellious act against such useless, harmful tactfulness. Truth is necessary and healing, saying “suicide instead of tired” is necessary as reading the signs of a deep depression; this is what Xabiso Vili’s verses suggest. In order to save ourselves, our loved ones and all the people like Nathi, those brotherly friends we’d have never wanted to lose that way.

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“Forget How to Die”, fighting against surrender

In this laic homely, the author speaks to the people attending a funeral – the umpteenth. Suicides follow one another, each time in different circumstances: nooses, bullets, cuts… So, this imaginary officiant tells the crowd that we are here riunited to forget how to die and to remember what is there inside us that keeps us going. And makes us declare “I’m ready to wrestle, bring your god and your death. If I lose, don’t you dare lay me to rest. Because my spirit is pissed and he’s fighting next.”

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