ghanaian women poets

“For the Blues”, when hope is a faint rumour

A poem about the blues, that sad feeling that drags you down at the bottom of yourself and makes you question the sense of getting out of bed in the morning. Poetra Asantewa’s verses follow a young woman as her day unfolds and as her thoughts run one after the other. She tries to make sense of her anxiety and her inadequacy feeling instilled by society and politics, so inclined to crush new generations. But hope cannot be crushed because “Yet there’s something about the way an open wound aggregates and remodels to repair itself, that tells me that we’re here for much more than getting lost.”

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Those days blurred by the heaviness of being

“In which I tell you all the reasons I don’t want to exist and you tell me to remember” is the poem Poetra Asantewa composed for “Parole in folle”. Here she gets to the core of mental distress. A bundle of negativity generated by anxiety, depression, feelings of uselessness and impotence. A bundle that can be unfastened by a healing voice speaking hopeful words: “Remember that life is breaking all of us, and every breath we take is the body mending its brokenness. Remember that there’s living proof that this heaviness you feel is not new or alien. It is a mangled dark monster that has been battled and conquered by others before you and will be conquered by you too.”

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